Paul & Leslie W

Dear Julie & Benny,

We’re excited to write you about the last 9 months of our life with “Jasper”.  Jasper came from your home to ours without spending more than a few nights at 11th Hour Rescue in NJ.  His Petfinder photo captured our attention and that was the start of our lives together.

We realized going into the adoption that Jasper needed a special home in which to flourish. Although he is the polar-opposite of our last dog, we own a local dog training school and knew we could offer him plenty of opportunities to grow and thrive. He is an only dog and we have no children so he gets 100% of our love and affection.

We have a large fenced in yard for playtime and Jasper regularly attends Rally class and is about to embark on agility. We continuously work on his reactivity toward other dogs – both on leash and on television! The leash behavior is frustration-induced, as he truly loves the company of other dogs.  We just have to watch him as he tends to steal their toys and can get in over his head.

Jasper traveled with us to Florida in December – hotels, long days on the road and five weeks living in our vacation condo.  We trained him thru the challenges of “close living” and he seems to have grown up in the process. He has stolen our hearts and we are so fortunate to have him in our life.

Thank you for all you did for Jasper and for all you do for so many other wonderful dogs in need.

God bless,