The Phases of Canine Rescue

I have on occasion heard dog owners proudly state, “Oh, yes: we rescued this dog.  She was going to die in a shelter.”  Sometimes this statement is perfectly true: they went to a kill shelter, adopted a high-risk dog, and trained her: thus rescuing her.  Many other times people adopt a dog from a canine  rescue agency.  In this case, the story is far more complex — and interesting.  While the adopter may claim to have rescued the dog, that credit must be shared with many who played a part along the way.

Where Canine Rescue Begins

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The Julian Fund for Rescue Medical Bills

The Julian Fund is a small foundation set up by a Steele Away Home board member to maintain on-going fund-raising to keep our veterinary expenses paid down.

Why The Julian Fund?

This fund raising effort is named after a chewed up boxer who was snatched from the jaws of death just minutes before he was to be euthanized. Money was raised for his extensive medical needs, he was loved, healed, trained, and then adopted to a family who adores him.

Julian’s adoptive dad had not had a dog before and he was hesitant, but agreed to a trial in-home stay. Once he got to know Julian he was hooked!

When his wife asked if he was willing to proceed with the adoption, he replied,
“Life is too short to not have a dog.”

In that spirit, this “foundation” has been established to raise funds to pay the veterinary care bills for other Steele Away Home – Canine Foster and Rescue dogs so they too can enhance the lives of new families.

Won’t You Help?

In the past year, over 1,000 dogs have been vaccinated and spay/neutered by Steele Away Home.  Some needed additional medications, surgery or vet care to remove maggots fleas and ticks. Some were treated for heartworms. Your donation helps us pay for their skilled medical care and medications.

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All donations to Julian Fund go to pay the veterinarian bills of Steele Away Home – Canine Foster and Rescue which operates out of Newport Tennessee. This is an all-volunteer organization: no donations are spent on staff salaries.

Steele Away Home is a GuideStar accredited 501(c)(3) organization, therefore your donation is tax deductible as a charitable contribution.

Online Auction

Our online auction is in support of the foster and rescue animals in our care. As we enlist the help of others to assist in caring for our beloved animals until a rescue can be found, we need supplies such as small kennels, crates,food, vetting and medication for them. With the shelters bursting at the seams and budget money tight, it’s impossible to do the impossible, but we won’t stop trying.

Auctions run from Monday to Sunday, new items every week.

More information and auction listings can be found on Facebook.


Announcing Steele Away Home

New Canine Foster and Rescue announcement!

Steele Away Home – Canine Foster and Rescue has been established in part to recognize and honor of Jenifer Parry Steele who has worked tirelessly since 2003 to save thousands of animals from Newport and Cocke County. We, the fosters and volunteers are proud to be part of this amazing group as Jenifer continues her work to save lives!! We welcome all who will join us.

“Everyone wants a Steele dog!”